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It's a collection of actionable resources to help you building and monetizing a Linkedin audience.

🔨 The Toolbox

Free LinkedIn mini-tools to help you grow

Linkedin Carousel Generator

Build a Linkedin Carousel with ease and get tons of engagement

AI Linkedin Post Generator

Choose a Linkedin creator and generate posts using the same tone and topics with our AI Linkedin Tool

Linkedin Trends

Explore Linkedin trends and find the best recent posts

Best Linkedin Influencers

Discover the best Linkedin Influencers by niche

Public Linkedin Analytics

Look for specific Linkedin account and find out about their growth, posts and engagement

When to Post on LinkedIn

The ultimate resource to understand how to get engagement on LinkedIn

Viral Post Generator

Go mega-viral on Linkedin | Generate a successful post with the power of AI

Linkedin Video Downloader

Easily download video from Linkedin post to repurpose them wherever you want

2022 LinkedIn Retrospective

All your 2022 LinkedIn activity in a carousel, generated for you

Linkedin Headline Generator

Generate kickass Headlines to boost your Linkedin profile

Linkedin Post Formatter

Supercharge your Linkedin posts by making them visually outstanding

Linkedin Profile Optimization

Get instant feedback on your Linkedin profile to make it more visible to recruiters and clients

Linkedin Post Booster

Use AI to improve your LinkedIn post and get more engagement

Linkedin Summary Generator

Use AI to improve your LinkedIn summary and turn linkedin visitors into business growth

Free Viral LinkedIn Post Finder

Find relevant viral LinkedIn posts about any topic or by any account for free

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Who are you?

We’re the team behind Taplio, the Linkedin tool that helps you grow and monetize an audience. If you’ve been gathering information about Linkedin growth lately, it’s likely you have already come across our product or some of our Linkedin growth resources.

How qualified are you to give advice about Linkedin growth?

Great question. Many people claim they know a lot about building an audience, whether on Linkedin or on other platforms, so you’re right to be wary. What’s great about our team is we’re actually all invested in our own personal Linkedin growth. Alew’s at 10K followers while Tibo is nearing 5K followers. And we all speak to different audiences: marketers, founders, hustlers, CEOs, builders. It’s safe to say we know a bit about Linkedin growth and have experience across a variety of niches, target audiences and topics. Also, we did create a Linkedin growth tool that encompasses a large part of all the things we learned over the years.

I want to get more followers on Linkedin. What do I do?

If your goal is to grow your Linkedin following, you’re in the right place. We suggest you start by taking a look at our “In-depth Linkedin Growth” category where you’ll find many articles about growing a Linkedin audience. Everything here is free. If you’re looking for something very structured, perhaps consider signing up or purchasing a course from the Courses section. Important: none of these courses are ours and we are not paid to promote them. But perhaps you already know most of what there is to learn about Linkedin growth, and you’re looking for the right tool to do it effortlessly. In that case, let us suggest you give Taplio a try. It’s free for 7 days and we also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. So really, there’s no risk at giving it a shot.

Is Linkedin growth just about followers?

Definitely not. Actually, we tend to say it’s not AT ALL about followers. Followers are more like an intermediate metric or indicator. They’re not the actual goal, even though most people use it as such. For that reason, we do write up a lot of resources about how to grow your Linkedin following. But we like to think there’s more to it than just a number. It’s about follower quality and whether or not you are able to turn those followers into people that drive value for you personally or your business. So yes, followers are great. But even better are email subscribers, users, customers, fans who amplify your content, or simply awesome people who learn from you just as much as you learn from them.

I don’t have time to read so much stuff about growing on Linkedin. What are the bare essentials?

We get it. We’re all busy and it can be excruciating to spend hours or days or weeks learning about something that boils down to a few essentials. There’s a lot of specifics and nuances to Linkedin growth, but for the sake of it let’s just try to make a conservative recap of the basics. #1 - Define what Linkedin growth is to you / your North Star metric (followers, sign ups, subscribers) #2 - Define your topic of expertise and pick only ONE. Not 2, not 3, ONE. #3 - Research your topic on Linkedin. Who are the experts? What’s working? What are some interesting accounts that don’t have a following? What are they doing wrong? #4 - Write content in a variety of formats, and block slots in your calendar every week to do it. #5 - It’s not just about you. Engage meaningfully with other people. Have thoughtful conversations in DMs. Building relationships will help amplify your content in the long run. #6 - Tools. We’re definitely biased about this one, but if you’re too busy to read up long-form content about Linkedin growth, you’re definitely too busy to do all the previous steps without a tool to help you. Voilà, that’s our 2 cents! It’s definitely not all there is to know, but it’s enough to get started without making important mistakes.